Moving goods around the world?  That’s what we do best.

Mission Statement

The goal of the Allegheny Logistics Group, through the performance ot it’s associates, is to provide our clients with the most effective canadian viagra, reliable and cost effective freight management support services, including regulatory training and guidance; that can be realized.

Allegheny Logistics Group

The Allegheny Logistics Group Companies offer support in all areas of importing and exporting.  We work directly with U.S. Customs to ensure that your cargo moves smoothly and without delay.  We can move your goods from door to door, from door to port, port to port or simply clear your goods at Customs with no further involvement.  Our highly skilled staff are experienced in all aspects of importing and exporting.  Our services allow you to focus on the important aspects of your business without concern over the Customs procedures and documentation required for every shipment into or out of the US.





Allegheny Brokerage Company is a full-service Customs broker serving our client’s import and export needs. We offer as little or as much assistance as you need to move your cargo around the world with seamless shipping processes and a large network of agents.

Learn more about our Virginia-based companies:

Allegheny Brokerage Company, Inc.

Allegheny Logistics Services, Inc.

Allegheny Ocean Transport, Inc.