Allegheny Brokerage Company, Inc.

Transport cargoAllegheny Brokerage Company is the first locally owned and operated customhouse broker and international freight forwarder serving the New River Valley, Roanoke and Southwest Virginia region. Allegheny Brokerage Company is conveniently located at Customs Port 1412, ( Port of the New River Valley),  New River Valley International Airport, Dublin, VA in Pulaski County. This is also the center of Foreign Trade Zone 238 serving the region.

Although based in Southwest Virginia Allegheny, Brokerage Company offers companies throughout Virginia and Northeastern Tennessee regions all the capabilities of a large coastal broker, including state-of-the-art systems, remote filing capabilities and forwarders’ tracking systems. Allegheny also offers a distinct advantage: we are an independent broker located near our customers. We work to understand your products, your business and your schedules, and offer hands-on customer service unavailable from a distant office. As an independent customs broker and Licensed Ocean Transport Intermediary (FMC OTI #17307F), we have the flexibility to find the best mix of resources for clearing and transporting your imported and exported products.


Allegheny Brokerage Company is certified and validated under the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism Program (C-TPAT). This is an initiative between U.S. Customs and Border Protection and businesses to build cooperative relationships that strengthen overall supply chain and border security. C-TPAT recognizes that Customs can provide the highest level of security only through close cooperation with the ultimate owners of the supply chain: brokers, importers, carriers, warehouse operators and manufacturers.

VALET Program Partner

Allegheny Brokerage Company is proud to have been selected as a Program Partner in the Virginia Leaders in Export Trade (VALET) program. The program, offered by the Virginia Economic Development Partnership International Trade Division,  provides capital, expert guidance and concrete solutions for businesses committed to expanding into international markets. The Program Partners represent an impressive team of experienced international service providers who are committed to help these companies achieve their international goals. Allegheny Brokerage Company, Inc. has been an active Program Partner since the Program’s inception in 2002.

Allegheny Brokerage Company, Inc.
5389 CV Jackson Rd. Suite #1
Dublin, Virginia USA 24084
Customs Broker License #20849
FMC License #17307F