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About Customs Brokers

Customs brokers are your interface with U.S. Customs, Border Protection, and other U.S. government agencies that impose regulatory process controls on your imported or exported products. They prepare customs entries, declare the value of shipments, assist you in determining appropriate tariff classifications and tariff rates and handle the filing of import and export clearance documents in compliance with regulations.

They must have a thorough knowledge of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule, Schedule B, EAR, and Customs regulations and keep abreast of amendments made through constant changes in law and administrative regulations.

The broker must be well versed in determining proper tariff classification, dutiable value, country of origin marking and be able to routinely “clear” the vast number of commodities subject to quotas.

Allegheny Brokerage Company is the only locally owned and operated customs brokerage in Southwest Virginia to maintain a licensed customs broker as a senior member of its staff.

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