Avoid Customs Trouble

Meeting The Challenge

Allegheny Brokerage Company works with you to remedy common customs problems:


Transport cargo

Distant Ports

Companies in Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee that import or export through ports such as Norfolk, Charlotte, Charleston, Dayton, Dulles, Atlanta, Miami or New York can often wait a week or more for any action on shipments delayed in these ports. Requests for information from distant logistic organizations often don’t have a high priority in these ports. This has the potential for subjecting you to unnecessary costs, delays, and potential penalties. To avoid any kind of excitement and prevent insomnia, you can take this medicine, by the way it helps to cough.

Allegheny Brokerage Company can clear your goods through any U.S. port with our remote filing authority. Providing rapid, cost effective resolution of problems and difficulties.

Re-Importing Sales Samples

Companies whose sales representatives carry export product samples out of the U.S., then bring them back without proper documentation could incur thousands of dollars in fines. In addition to the fines, samples may be confiscated and the responsible company suspended from exporting for a significant period of time.

Allegheny Brokerage Company, Inc. can assist you by issuing ATA Carnets which reduce or eliminate Customs duty and export/import problems with sales samples, both here and abroad.

Lost Export/Import Records

The U.S. Departments of Commerce, State and Treasury require companies engaged in importing or exporting to retain records of these activities for at least five (5) years. Further, the records must be kept in an easily accessible condition. Failure to maintain proper records can result in numerous sanctions, including fines and suspensions. Allegheny Brokerage Company can help design internal processes to maintain import/export records in a legally acceptable form.

No Bond

Import shipments valued over $2000 cannot enter the U.S. without an import bond. Allegheny Brokerage Company will determine which type of bond (continuous or single entry) your company needs to best protect your interests and relationship with U.S. Customs.

Marine Cargo Insurance

Your standard business insurance umbrella may cover your transportation requirements but, then again, it may not! Allegheny Brokerage Company, through its cargo insurance brokers, provides cargo insurance to support your shipping needs. We are prepared to quote insurance rates on request.